Fred Mutebi is the founder of Let Art Talk. The organization is dedicated to empowering communities through art by using art as an educational vehicle to teach important life skills.

He was born and raised in a small village in rural Uganda. His humble roots are an important part of his artwork. He also understands the challenges and struggles faced by the rural population of Uganda. This is why he remains intimately connected with his village community.

Mutebi uses art to teach underprivileged and vulnerable children and communities. Communicating social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges becomes less intimidating through the medium of art. His objective is to educate the diverse segments of society by using common terms and creative techniques in order to encourage constructive change for a positive future.

The goal is to transform lives by strengthening leadership, advocating reconciliation, and imparting problem solving skills at the grassroots level.

Learn more about the projects that are being championed by Fred Mutebi in his community: